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Columbus Recreation and Parks Department

Public Marina Information



Griggs Reservoir: On Riverside Drive (Route 33) just south of the
Fishinger Road Bridge. Enter at the Nottingham Road traffic light and
turn left on the park road. The marina is just north of the dam. There are
three marina sections with a total of 60 docking slips.

Hoover Reservoir: Two public marinas. The Main Marina is on Sunbury Road just north of the dam. At the Main Marina there are four marina sections with a total of 129 docking slips. Red Bank Marina is located where Maxtown Road intersects Sunbury (turn east at the traffic light). At Red Bank Marina there is one marina section with 44 docking slips.

O’Shaughnessy Reservoir: On Route 257 just south of the Home Road Bridge. There are three marina sections with a total of 104 docking slips.


Dates: All City of Columbus marinas are rented from May 1st to October 31st each year (weather permitting).

The annual dock lottery is held in April each year. Check with our office for the exact date and time (614-645-3337).


Griggs and O’Shaughnessy Reservoirs: Unlimited horsepower but 40mph maximum speed limit. Twenty-two (22) feet maximum length.

Hoover Reservoir: 10 horsepower limit with 10mph maximum speed limit. Twenty-two (22) feet maximum length for powered boats and twenty-four (24) feet maximum length for sailboats.

(Although up to 25 foot long sailboats are permitted on the reservoir, the marinas can only accommodate a maximum length vessel of 24 feet.)

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Other Info: Gasoline and sewer pump out facilities are NOT available.

Docks may be renewed year after year as long as you own a boat. If you sell your boat the marina dock is NOT transferable to a new owner.

Security lights and locking gates at all marina areas enhance safety/security. You will receive two keys to the gate at your section each year. The locks are changed every year and each key will only work the section it is assigned.