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This is our new  site.  It not only looks different, it will have a different structure.  If you have “old” URL’s, please redo them as they may not direct you  to where you want to go.  Since this is a large undertaking, please be patient as we will need some time to complete the site as it was.

 What you are about to see took us over 50 years in establishing as worthy priorities for our life's consideration.  This site is intended for your enjoyment and ours.  Serious considerations would best be left on the other side.  

It's hard telling just what may occur on these pages as they likely will be in a high state of transformation, tweaking, evolution, and discarding as we go forth.   In short, we're likely to be under construction forever. might even see that "damn CAT" lolling around.  There's always the possibility to see some of the finest examples of Fishing.   'Course if you have the time you might like to take a chance and read a few Tales. Not saying that every single thing you read there is gospel type truth.  You be the judge.  What better way to spend a warm afternoon or evening than cruising about on a scenic lake in a Pontoon Boat?  Hard to think of one.  And if you don't care for the greatness of George Jones, don't bother to tell us about it.

The primary purpose for this site is to serve as an informational site for anglers and boaters of  Hoover Reservoir.  Plus we will provide information on some community service activities.

We thank Dave Golowenski for his Columbus Dispatch article of May 22, 2005, reprinted by permission of the Columbus Dispatch.   

First Blue Cat In Hoover             Oct. 4, 2011

 Dottie Horan’s Story  1935-2019