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Every now and then throughout the years, the urge has come upon us to put down some of our more insidious ideas in written form.  Having done this in the past, writing for a national publication, it wasn't long before we realized the hardship in creating something "new" with deadline demands.  Therefore, to renew the pleasures of expressing ideas on paper, it has come to us to not force it, but be there when the spirit urges. What we have presented below is a sampling of some of the past urgings of the spirit.  If you find enjoyment in reading them, we will pursue adding additional tales.

Below  you will find some images of a considerable force of inspiration in the telling of several of these tales.   HIS name is Butkus, but also seems to respond to HE, HIMSELF, and of course the ever popular,....damn CAT!   But also appreciate the good HE is doing for the Kitty Litter industry.