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We will attempt to keep you abreast of news regarding fishing and boating activities that are available to the public at Hoover Reservoir, via this page, which we hope to update at least weekly.  This information comes from ODNR- Div. Of Wildlife, Watershed Management, Old Dutchman Bait and Tackle and from sharing members of the public.  

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FO = Fish Ohio. A program for anglers, with ODNR awarding a certificate and hat pin for catching fish of a          specified minimum length. Details available at local bait and tackle stores.

LOTW = Lake of the Woods, East side, Middle section of lake across from Red Bank Ramp.         

C&R = Catch and Release, allowing fish to be enjoyed another day by anglers.

Riprap =Rock works around roadways and bridges to prevent erosion.

2018 Hoover Sports Anglers (HSA)   (C&R Fish Ohio species at Hoover)

NOTE: You can now go online and print a very attractive certificate of your FO catch and also reserve your hat pin.  Go to FISH OHIO.

Following are minimum size requirements for Fish Ohio species available at Hoover.


CARP - 28”





 MUSKY - 40"









SUCKER - 20"

Mike Bloomfield – 32”

Bob McCarthy – 31.5”

Mike Finch – 28”

Joe Hatfield – 32”

Brian Annis – 29”

Jeff Tennant – 28”

Matt Miller – 32.5”

Lily Gibney - 31"

Tim Van Auken -29"

Ray Beaumier - 27"

Tim Blasczyk - 29"

John Cannaday - 28"
Joe Looby - 34"

Al Bachman - 28"

Nick Culver - 30"

Joey Hatfield, Jr. - 28.5"

Stu Wilms - 28"


Kyle Gibney - 40"

Joe Hatfield - 40"

Mike Bloomfield – 35”

Chase Harvey -36”

Gabe Gonzalez - 35"

Bob McCarthy - 38.5"

John McCarthy - 35"

Roy Wade - 37"

Brooke Thomas - 35.5"
Charlotte Hatfield - 39.75"

Lance Hackworth - 37"

Kate Anthony - 40"

Dan Brooks - 36"

Amanda Johnson - 39"


Don Grant - 15"

Mike Bloomfield - 13"

Scott Furst - 13"

Kevin Winters - 13"

Bob McCarthy - 15.5"

Brian Annis - 14"

Bob McCarthy - 19" SM
Don Grant - 20.5" LM

Craig Schorling - 21.5" SM

Jeff Tennant - 20" LM


Bob McCarthy - 22"


Brian Annis - 16"

Laura Biteman - 14"

Bob McCarthy - 14.5"

Tim Blasczyk - 16"

Pete Wilms - 14"


Bryan Chambers - 35"

Dave Funk - 60 lb.

Joe Hatfield - 38"

Craig Shirey – 47 lb.

Al Bachman - 26"

Bob McCarthy - 29.5"


Christopher  Melvin - 9" BG



2018 Contributing Reporters (CR)

John Adair

Craig Schorling

Walt Alexander

Ethan Simmons

Brian Annis

Kenny Simpson

Dan Armitage

Jeff Tennant

Al Bachman

Jamie Thomas

Ray Beaumier

Tim Van Auken

John Biteman

Huey White

Tim Blasczyk

John Windau

Mike Bloomfield

Lorraine Winters

John Cannaday

Bryan Chambers

Andy Elliott

Scott Furst

Kyle Gibney

Michael Gifford

Gabe Gonzalez

Joe Hatfield

Chad Karg

Joe Looby

Bob McCarthy

Matt Miller

Lewis Mould

Jim O'Connor

David Perry

Mike Powers

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Week ending 9/5/18

The “real time” water level for Hoover as of this date is – 4.32 feet from full level.

Joe Hatfield found surface temperatures to be 83 degrees on Monday. We will have a New Moon on Sunday.

CRAPPIE: Ray Beaumier reports that he, “caught 20 fish Friday evening trolling 1.0 - 1.5 mph in 12-20' bottom depths with various Hard Baits running 4 - 8' deep with the fish likely feeding on the suspended Shad schools.  Ten of the fish were in the 10-12" range.  Two top producing lures were a 2" Silver Shad Jointed Shad Rap and a Strike King Mini-King Spinner Bait w/Chartreuse Twister Tail and a 1/4 oz. rubber core sinker 2’ up the line to sink it to the 4-6' depth range.”  Ray was fishing M-E section.  John Biteman reports that he and, “Walt Alexander went out Labor Day 7-10 a.m. in M-E and caught 35 fish using Minnows under a Slip Bobber in 8’-20’ of water fishing at depths between 5’ & 12’.” 

: On Monday while trolling a Crank bait in M-E section in 12-14’ depths Pete Wilms C&R a FO (14”).

SAUGEYE: Ray Beaumier reports that he, “C&R 3 fish (12-14") Friday evening caught trolling a Bottom-Bouncer/Night Crawler Harness 15' deep on the flats.  Chartreuse/White continues to be the preferred blade color.”  On Monday Pete Wilms trolled a Crank Bait in 12-15’ depth ion M-E section and C&R a 13.5" fish.

BLUE GILL: No reports.

BASS:  No reports.

CHANNEL CATFISH: Joe Hatfield fished the North section on Monday and caught 3 fish drifting Shad in 13- 25’.  He used whole Shad in about 5-6" depth.  Joe Hatfield reports that he and Kyle Gibney, “fished the Flathead Blues tournament on Saturday. It was our worst showing of the year and we took 5th. Fortunately, we survived hurricane Hoover. A lot of folks struggled that night. We caught 6 fish with largest being FO (29”).  All but one came off Blue Gill cut filet style.” The channels came from deeper water.  Joe went out Monday and reported, “I fished the north section. In 15-28’ using Blue Gill. I ended up with 3 fish including 2 FO (28", 31”).”  Matt Miller fished the North end Sunday using cut Bait and C&R a FO (30.25").

BLUE CATFISH: Joe Hatfield reported, “I fished the North section on Monday drifting Shad in 13-25’.  I 2 fish. Largest was 34". All fish came off whole shad about 5-6".”   Joe Hatfield & Kyle Gibney fished Saturday night and caught 2 fish, the largest was 30”.  Only one 20-lb. + fish was weighed in the tournament.  On Monday Joe fished the North section and caught 2 fish including a FO (40”) that came from 14 ft. using Shad. Joe further stated, “It is still miserably slow compared to prior years. I can understand not catching big fish all the time, but the absence of little fish is puzzling. Typically a slow night would be 10 to 15 fish with a mixed bag of big and small fish. Since mid-June, a good night is 8-10. It really has me scratching my head.”  In a subsequent email Joe added, “The catch numbers are down, but my experience has been the quality of fish has been up. I have put a lot of big fish in the boat this year.   What I have noticed is they are very picky on how the bait is presented. One day they will prefer a certain rig, bait, or even how the bait is cut. Once you find the right combo you will catch fish. Then you go out two days later and they want a different presentation. What I notice, especially in tournament fishing, is too many folks get dialed in on one specific presentation and are hesitant to change things up.” Bryan Chambers fished Monday in M-E section and C&R a 34” fish in. 15” depth trolling Bottom Bouncers with Shad in M-E section. Matt Miller sent us this, “I was able to get on the lake on Friday and Sunday morning. On Friday morning I drifted cut Bait in the North section of the lake in 10-20” of water. I C&R 9 fish with the largest about 26". Most of the fish were caught in 10-12’ of water using a Santee rig. On Sunday morning I strolled cut Bait in the North section of the lake in 8-20’ of water. I C&R 4 fish with the two largest measuring 29" and 30".”

FLATHEAD CATFISH: During the Saturday night Flathead Blues tournament Joe Hatfield reported “The winner, Craig Shirey, caught a 47-lb. Flathead.”  Bryan Chambers C&R a 24” fish trolling Bottom Bouncers at 15’ using Shad.

Week ending 8/29/18

The “real time” water level for Hoover as of this date is – 4.76 feet from full level.

Mike Powers found surface temperatures to be 74 degrees on Friday afternoon in South section.

CRAPPIE: Bob McCarthy C&R a FO (15.5”) fish trolling a Crank Bait in M-E section on Tuesday a.m.

WHITE BASS: No reports.

SAUGEYE: Stu Wilms fished the M-E section on Wednesday and caught a 15" fish in 12' of water, using a Bottom Bouncer/Night Crawler.

: Mike Powers caught 4 fish using Worm/Drop Shot in S-W section on Friday in 15’ of water.

BASS:  Thursday a.m. Pete Wilms caught a 15" LM in 10’ depth in M-E section using a Chartreuse  Bottom Bouncer/Night Crawler.  Jeff Tennant reported, “Fished Friday evening in M-E section from 9:30 p.m. - 2:30 a.m. - only caught 3 on Rubber Worms - sizes were 10"-15"-19" - Largest was 3.5- lbs.”

CHANNEL CATFISH: Thursday a.m. Stu Wilms C&R a FO (28”) using a White Bottom Bouncer/Night Crawler in 15’ depth in M-E section.  On Friday Mike Powers fished the S-W side and using Worm/Drop Shot caught 3 fish up to 19” in 15’ depth.  While fishing for Blue Cats on Saturday morning, Matt Miller C&R 3 fish including a FO (31”) in North section using cut Bait in 8-17’ of water.

BLUE CATFISH: Thursday a.m. Stu Wilms C&R a 27” fish using a White Bottom Bouncer/Night Crawler in 12’ depth in M-E section.  Matt Miller reported, “I got out Saturday morning. Wind was blowing pretty hard so I used a drift sock to slow my drift speed. I drifted cut Bait in 8-17’ of water in the North section of the lake. I C&R 6 fish with the three best being 27", 27" and 28". 3 of the fish were caught with the bait suspend down about 7’ from the surface. The other 3 were caught on a Santee Cooper rig.”


Week ending 8/22/18

The “real time” water level for Hoover as of this date is – 4.03 feet from full level.

Bob McCarthy found surface water temp 77/78 degrees on Monday.  We will have a Full Moon Sunday.

CRAPPIE: Bob McCarthy was trolling Crank Baits in Middle section Monday in about 20’ depth and caught 5 fish.

WHITE BASS: No reports.

SAUGEYE: No reports.

: No reports.

BASS: Jeff Tennant reports that he, “fished Saturday night from 10:30 p.m. - 2:30 a.m. and caught 8 LM’s ranging from 10”- 19”- largest weighed a little over 3-lbs.  All caught on Rubber Worms in 4’ of water or less in S-W section.”  Bob McCarthy trolled Monday in Middle section in 20-25’ depths and C&R a 15.5” LM using Crank Bait.

CHANNEL CATFISH: On Saturday night Joey Hatfield C&R a FO (28.5") in North section drifting cut Shad in 11-19’ of water.

BLUE CATFISH: Joe Hatfield sent us this, “Dan Brooks and I fished up north in 15-20’ on Wednesday. We drifted cut Shad and landed a handful of fish, mostly small ones. Dan did manage to C&R a FO (36").”  Joe also sent us the following, “I fished the Flathead Blues tournament with my 13 year old son, Joey Hatfield Jr. It was rough sledding most of the night in until 10 p.m. when “Bubba” made an appearance. We ended up with about 6 fish drifting Shad in 11-19’. Joey caught a 33" fish.” On Monday Bob McCarthy trolled Crank Baits in 20-25’ of water and C&R a FO (36”) in Middle section.

FLATHEAD CATFISH: While fishing Saturday night drifting cut Shad in North section, Joe Hatfield C&R a FO (38") 27-lb fish that was caught in 15’ on cut Blue Gill that won them the tournament. 

Week ending 8/15/18

The “real time” water level for Hoover as of this date is – 3.91 feet from full level.

Tim Blasczyk reported the surface temperature was 81 degrees in Middle section Saturday a.m.. 

CRAPPIE: Tim Blasczyk tells us, “I was out on Saturday morning from 9:30-12:30 and caught 22 fish, 10 which were 10-12” in  M-E section  in 21’ of water, 12’ down trolling Flicker Shad.”   Tim was also, “out Monday and caught 10 fish, all 9-10”, trolling Flicker Shad in 12’ of water in M-E section.”

WHITE BASS: Monday night, Tim Blasczyk C&R 21 fish from 12” to FO (16”) trolling Flicker Shad in in M-E section..

SAUGEYE: Tuesday evening Ray Beaumier reports that he, “trolled a Bottom Bouncer/Night Crawler Harness with a #4 Colorado Blade Pearl/Chartreuse w/Orange spots at 1.2 MPH in 15’ of water and C&R 4 fish in the 12-13" size range. Several of the fish hit when dropping the rod back while trolling suggesting they were following the bait and then hit it as it slowed when I dropped the rod it back.”

: No reports.

BASS: John Adair reported he, “fished Wednesday with Troy Bucher and caught 5 fish that would’ve been keepers, 4 LM and 1 SM and four smaller fish. The SM was the biggest of our fish at around 3-lbs. All fish were caught on Deep Crankbaits, Shakey Heads and Carolina Rigs on main lake points and channel swings in 10-14’ depths. Fished again Saturday morning with Troy and we caught 15 LM.  Saturday we caught fish on a variety of baits and water depths .Water as shallow as 4’ out to 14’ and depths in between.  We caught fish on Crankbaits, Carolina Rigs, Shakey Heads and Texas Rigs.”  Jeff Tennant fished the S-W section and reports, “fished Friday evening from 9:00 p.m-2 a.m. and caught 6, all on Rubber Worm from shore - all between 10-14".  I also fished Sunday evening from 8:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. and caught 2 again on Rubber Worm from shore - one was about 12" the other was 19".”  Ted Mosure caught 2 LM (12", 13") on Sexy Shad crankbait at 10:30 p.m. in 3-5' of water in M-E.

CHANNEL CATFISH: On Sunday Ted Mosure reported, “Linda and I got out and we caught 4 fish up to 24" on raw Shrimp drifting in M-E section at dusk/dark.”

BLUE CATFISH: Thursday night Joe Hatfield went out and reports, “All year I have had a pack of neighborhood kids hanging around asking if I will take them fishing. With school on the horizon I decided to get them on the water and make some Catfisherman and Catfisherwomen out of them.  Tonight I took Jason Hackworth, his son Landon Hackworth (8), and Kate Anthony (10) out for a night on Hoover. We drifted up North in 11-20’ using Shad. We managed 4 fish. Landon Hackworth reeled in a 29" and a 37" fish weighing around 25-lbs. Kate Anthony was a little more lucky. She reeled in a 37" fish weighing around 25-lbs. and a whopper 40" fish that was well in the 30-lb. range.”  While fishing Saturday a.m. in M-E section Tim Blasczyk caught 2 fish 18” & 22” trolling the Flicker Shad.


Week ending 8/8/18

The “real time” water level for Hoover as of this date is – 3.31 feet from full level.  

Bob McCarthy found surface temperatures to be 80-82 degrees on Monday morning in M-E section.  On Saturday we will have a New Moon.

CRAPPIE: No reports.

WHITE BASS: No reports.

SAUGEYE: On Sunday Craig Schorling fished the M-E section around 9 a. m, and caught a FO (25.25”) in about 12‘on a small Jig tipped with a Minnow. Bob McCarthy was fishing in 20-25’ of water in M-E section early Monday a.m. and C&R 3 fish including 2 FO (22”) using Crank Baits.  

: No reports.

BASS: John Adair reports he, “had the chance to fish last Wednesday with Troy Bucher. We managed 4 keeper LM with our best fish being 2.75-lbs . We caught a couple of short fish as well. We caught them on kind of a hodge podge of baits including Carolina rigs, Shakey Heads and deep diving Crank Baits . All fish were caught on main lake points and channel swings.”  Bob McCarthy fished Thursday a.m. in M-E section and C&R a F) (19”) SM using a Buzz Bait in shallows.  On Monday in early a.m. he used Crank Bait in 20-25’ of water to C&R 14” fish.  Jeff Tennant reported, “Fished Tuesday evening for about an hour and a half. Only caught one but it was a nice one. Went FO (20") and was approximately 5 lbs. Caught on Black Rubber Worm on  bottom from shore in S-W section.”

CHANNEL CATFISH: Matt Miller reported that he, “Had better luck this week. I got out on Saturday morning. I drifted and strolled cut Bait in the North pool in 11-17’ of water. I C&R 4 fish including a FO (32.5").”

BLUE CATFISH: Matt Miller reported, “I also C&R 5 fish with the largest 34". Five of the fish (4 Blues and 1 Channel) were caught by suspending the bait down about 7’ below the surface. It was nice to finally have some wind blowing.”  On Tuesday Brian Chambers fished the M-E section and reported, “trolling in 15’ C&R 2 fish on Strike King XD. One 29” & one 24”.”  Joe Hatfield sent us this, “I finally got back on the water for a brief outing with my daughter Charlotte Rose Hatfield this evening. It was a pretty slow night. We drifted cut Shad in 16-22” up North. We ended up catching one fish, but it was a biggun. My daughter reeled in a fish measuring a hair under 40". I didn't have a scale on me, but this was the largest blue that has been caught on my boat this year. If I made an educated guess based off some of the 25-lb fish I caught this year, I would guess it was a high 20 or low 30- lbs.” 



 SAUGEYE  - 5/22/18 - The Senecaville Hatchery stocked 180,000 fingerling of approximately 1.5” in Hoover.  It was reported that the week before approximately the same number were stocked.  

From Rich Zweifel -Hoover was stocked with just over 418,000 fingerling saugeye this spring, which works out to roughly 145 fish per acre.  Saugeye production at our hatcheries was down a little bit this spring compared to last year, but those numbers are about average for what we’ve stocked into Hoover over the last 5 years.  Fish were stocked into Hoover on 2 dates, 5/18/18 and 5/22/18. 

SAUGEYE  - 9/6/17 - From -  Ethan Simmons , Div. Of Wildlife - “We’ve had three years in a row of extremely poor saugeye stocking survival at Hoover.  The traditional fingerling stockings in 2014 and 2016 as well as the experimental fry stocking in 2015 all produced very few adult fish.   We can’t say for sure what has caused this, but predation from other fish and lack of an adequate food source soon after stocking are two factors that have been shown to influence stocking success.  One thing we’re pretty confident in is it’s not the blue cats eating the saugeye.  There are simply too many shad, sunfish, and crappie for blue cats to eat rather than honing in on the small population of stocked saugeye.

We’ve conducted 10 gill net surveys since 2003 for adult saugeye at Hoover and 97% of the fish we caught were 3 years and younger.  The average length of an age 3 fish is 21.5”.  Of the small amount of age 4 fish we’ve captured the average size is 24”.  Since we rarely see fish older than age 3 and we’ve had 3 bad year classes in a row, Hoover has very few saugeye left in the population.  This helps explain the lack of reports you’ve received in the Hoover fishing report.  We understand that Hoover is a central Ohio gem and no one is more disappointed with the lack of saugeye than us.  This year we requested double the amount of saugeye fingerlings to be stocked in the hopes of increasing the odds of a successful year class, and we’ll request double next year.  More stocked fish doesn’t necessarily mean more adult fish, but this is one lever we can pull quickly to try to influence the population.  In fact this spring we ended up with even more stocked for a total of 260 fingerlings/acre (compared to 100/acre).  Fingers crossed we see a huge year class this October when we sample.  Whatever the outcome of this year’s stocking, know that we are always working hard to understand and improve this important fishery at Hoover.

6/7/17 - From Rich Zweifel, Div. Of Wildlife - “We finished up the Hoover saugeye stocking for the year this morning.  In total for this spring we have stocked Hoover Reservoir with 679,460 saugeye fingerlings.  This works out to a stocking rate of about 236 fish per acre.    

The saugeye fingerling stocking events were:

May 16:                265,792

May 17:                26,008

May 30:                286,440  

June 1:                  101,220

It was a banner year for walleye and saugeye production at our hatcheries.  Fingerling sizes were above average too.”

5/10/16 - From Rich Zweifel, Div. Of Wildlife -Hoover will be stocked this week (likely Thursday) with saugeye  fingerlings.  Below is the notification that the hatchery guys sent me…


Species: Saugeye

Stage: Fingerlings

Approximate Number: 288,400

Approximate Date: 05/12/2016


4/21/15 - From Rich Zweifel , Div. Of Wildlife - Staff from our St. Marys hatchery stocked Hoover with 2,884,000 saugeye fry on Tuesday  4/21/15.  Fry are newly-hatched fish that are 4-6 days old or about ¼” long. 

The reason we’re stocking fry is because Hoover is part of a four year research study that’s building on Jahn Kallis’ graduate work at OSU.  Based on Jahn’s work, we believe that fry may do just as well as fingerlings at Hoover.  We are stocking fry and fingerling in alternate years at Hoover and seven other reservoirs around the state as part of this study.  Hoover was stocked with fry in 2013 and 2015 and was stocked with fingerlings in 2014 and will receive fingerlings again in 2016.  Since the fry are so much smaller than the fingerlings, and consequently will likely have lower survival, we stock them at a much higher rate (1,000 per acre) than we do with fingerlings (100 per acre).  This is the third year of our study and we will assess the potential of fry stockings at our study locations  at the end of 2016.  We will make a decision to stock fry or fingerlings at these locations based on the results of this study.         

 Lorraine Winters (WSM) passed along the news of the  finalization of new Hoover regulations that on October 18th the Ohio Wildlife Council approved for catfish at Hoover:  “Reducing the bag limit to four (4) in the aggregate for channel and blue catfish harvested from Hoover Reservoir.  Additionally, in an effort to develop and promote a trophy catfish fishery, anglers harvesting channel and blue catfish from Hoover Reservoir will be limited to taking only three (3) fish less than 18” and one (1) fish 28 inches or larger.”

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