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The following reports have been collected from Lorraine Winters, WSM to alert anglers and boaters as to the type of situations that the Rangers have been encountering.  This is shared in an effort to minimize problems and educate all as to what is occurring at Hoover.

6/19/19 - This week rangers took advantage of a break between rain events to tackle a large amount of fishing line tangled within the boardwalk.  Working from the water, they removed most of the debris, preventing entanglement and clearing the wildlife hazards.  As a follow up to last week's post on bow fishing, it is also necessary to mention that only "rough fish" or "forage fish" may be taken by this method.  Catfish are not to be taken by bow fishing.  Please see ODNR and Ohio Revised Code rules for sport fishing for further information.  Given the high water we have seen fewer boats venturing out, and those who are should exercise caution when boating to avoid swift water and hidden underwater hazards.  This weekend a disc golf event will take place at the course near Hoover Dam bringing extra visitation to this area.

6/12/19 - This week rangers found several boaters missing sufficient PFD's, many curfew violations, a kayaker fishing in the Mudhen Marsh nature preserve, and a few instances of swimming.  Other violations addressed included illegal parking, a campfire at Twin Bridges, and alcohol usage near Walnut Ramp.  Several people have recently asked if and where they can bowfish.  Bowfishing is allowed at Hoover, but only in the most northern pool, north of Sunbury Road Bridge.

6/5/19 - The past week was relatively uneventful at the reservoir with the exception of an accident at the Hoover Marina involving a dock customer who slipped into the water.  Reportedly, the man fell between the boat and dock and was safely rescued with the help of a companion and the Westerville Fire Department.

5/29/19 -Shoreline and boat-based fishing is still keeping the reservoir very busy and ramp areas full.  In the last week Rangers have encountered attempted use of high-horsepower engines, several instances of fishing off of the courtesy docks, and some continued parking issues.  This week we would like to share a theft-prevention message reminding visitors to keep valuables stored securely out of sight when leaving their parked vehicles.  Several thefts from vehicles have taken place during daylight hours in lots near the dam, and most involved purses or other tempting items left on seats or plainly visible.  Watershed is supporting efforts of Blendon Township Police to identify the individual(s) and would ask visitors to be alert and pass along any information to local police.  Thank you.

5/22/19 - Boat ramps were packed over the last week with many boaters embarking on their first splash of spring.  Rangers encountered a wide variety of boating issues including missing navigational lights, missing safety equipment, overloaded boats, and parking congestion at the ramps.  One topic worth repeating, especially for newer boaters on Hoover, is the 10hp motor restriction and the 10mph speed limit.  Boaters with engines greater than 10hp must have those motors tilted with the prop visible, or remove the prop before boating on Hoover.  This helps to ensure that the larger engines are not being used and facilitates inspection by a ranger or ODNR officer.  Hoover also has a 10mph speed limit so please be mindful of those rules and the impact that boat wakes can have on paddlecraft and shoreline erosion.  Speaking of paddlecraft, Rangers recovered an adrift paddleboard this month so if you lost yours, please contact the Watershed Management Office.  With many boaters using the renovated ramps of Oxbow and Twin Bridges, we are seeing parking issues and would ask that cars, when possible, use the car spaces and save the trailer spaces for those with trailers.  Some people car-top or transport their vessel inside a truck bed and need the extra space provided by the trailer spot for maneuverability.  That aside, we’ll advise boaters to bring their safety equipment, and a dose of patience when responding to apparent breaches of boat ramp etiquette.

5/8/19 - Watershed Management is once again happy for the invitation to share news and Hoover happenings through the HFR.  As we begin to ramp up for the busy summer season, the soggy spring has left us with a full reservoir, and a challenging combination of tall grass and soft ground in park areas maintained as turf.  Visitors will notice several recent park improvements at Hoover including redefined parking at Area F and vegetation in place of the abandoned roadbed in Area G.  Though the change was made last fall, we also wanted to spread word to those visiting the upper east dam area that cars should now enter/exit through the Cubbage Road entrance. The Central College entrance will serve the lower parking lots, and the pedestrian-only hill will separate the two areas and prevent cut-through traffic.  For those who like to plan early, the 2019 Hoover Reservoir Litter Clean-up is scheduled for September 28th from 9am to 12pm, with more details to follow.