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The following reports have been collected from Lorraine Winters, WSM to alert anglers and boaters as to the type of situations that the Rangers have been encountering.  This is shared in an effort to minimize problems and educate all as to what is occurring at Hoover.

10/10/18 -Winding down the summer, Watershed has accrued a few items in the "lost and found" and would be happy to reunite items with owners.  If you have lost (or found) an item and would like to check with Watershed, please call our office at 614-645-1721, especially if you are the owner of the paddle boat which remains unclaimed.  Two tree crews have been assisting the city in addressing the removal of dead ash trees and invasive honeysuckle.  These crews have been recently working in the area of Marlene Drive and will soon move to the intersection of Big Walnut and Sunbury roads. 

10/3/18 -Watershed is very thankful for all those who came out to support the annual Hoover Litter Clean-up, it is always great to see the familiar faces and first-time volunteers who make it a success.  Ranger Mark Carnes will recap all of the details in his e-mail to the HFR.  This Saturday morning, Hoover Dam will host another great event - the "Race for Global Water" - in which runners/walkers will cross the dam and continue along the Sunbury Road multi-use path.  In news around the reservoir, crews reseeded areas of Oxbow Ramp and the retention basin near Hoover Dam.  Over the weekend, several emergency response agencies arrived at the dam to successfully deter a suicidal individual.  

9/12/18 -News of the week comes from the Hoover Marina where several boat dock customers fell victim to thefts from docked boats.  Columbus Recreation and Parks has notified all dock customers to check boats, many of which appeared to have been pilfered by a thief who possibly accessed the dock via water. 

9/5/18 -The heat and downpours of Labor Day weekend kept many boaters off the water, however reservoir visitors were still plentiful on land.  Rangers tackled several parking violations as picnics and other events filled the lots and cars were parked illegally in the grass.  Next Saturday morning, a dozen or more young paddlers will be learning to canoe while taking part in a Columbus Recreation and Parks class, likely using the area between Walnut Ramp and the hand carry boat launch to the south.  Lastly, as a reminder to boaters docked at stakes and docks, please check your boat regularly to ensure that the lower water levels typically seen as we approach fall do not leave you high and dry.

8/29/18 -This week's report begins with news from the Westerville Crew youth rowing organization regarding the recent theft of an outboard motor taken from one of their coaching/safety boats.  This summer we've received very few reports of thefts from boats or vehicles parked at the reservoir, and anyone affected is asked to please file a police report and notify Watershed Management.  OSU students will be conducting a fisheries research project near the Walnut Boat Ramp late next week, thus explaining any strange contraptions placed near the ramp.  Lastly, a light outage at Hoover Area D has been reported to AEP for service.  Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend!

8/15/18 -The reservoir was fairly quiet this week with little to report other than some vandalism at Oxbow involving tipped trash cans and turfing.  Next week the roadway across Hoover Dam will be closed to pedestrians to allow for routine maintenance.

8/8/18 -This week Watershed rangers encountered a variety of incidents at Hoover ranging from cars parking in the grass and in tie-down lanes at boat ramps to the occasional swimmer and curfew violator. Rangers assisted in returning a loose boat which had broken free from its dock, and Miffin Township Fire Dept. returned to Hoover on Monday for training exercises.

8/1/18 - News of this week is an update on Oxbow boat ramp where there has been a large effort to remove invasive honeysuckle plants from the treed understory.  Clearing the invasives is a first step in preparing a landscape plan for new trees to replace those removed during the ramp construction.

- This week rangers would like to pass along a friendly reminder about the importance and necessity of boat navigation lights when boating after dark.  Two boaters were advised about proper lighting, and two other boaters were stopped for failing to tilt a high horsepower motor.  Blendon Township Police assisted with a number of curfew violations, and 18 individuals were found swimming.

7/11/18 - Here’s the report for this week –thankful you will be able to get the word out about something rarely seen at Hoover ….dive flags!  This week’s report covers the Smothers Road Bridge and upcoming work that will take place later this week.  The Franklin County Engineer’s Office will be conducting an underwater inspection of the bridge on Thursday 7/12 and Friday 7/13.  The inspectors have received special permission to use a dive boat outfitted with larger horsepower engines.  Underwater divers will be present, so please observe a safe distance from the red and white dive flags and use unoccupied spans when boating under the bridge.  For those curious about the emergency vehicles and vessels responding to Smothers Bridge on Monday night, this was an unrelated, and thankfully false, alarm regarding a person jumping from the bridge.  Lastly, Mifflin Township Fire will be conducting a training exercise near the Walnut Boat Launch from 10a-12p on Friday.  Many thanks to all of the emergency responders who practice and prepare for reservoir rescues. 

7/4/18 - Rangers are expecting decent crowds for the 4th of July holiday and, with the forecasted hot weather, will be keeping an extra close watch for swimming violations. Genoa Township announced plans to repave Oxbow Road starting Monday July 9th.  They should be done by July 17th and plan to maintain traffic to avoid closures, ensuring the new ramp remains accessible.

6/27/18 - Rangers have addressed several boating issues in the last week including boaters without PFD’s, boating after dark without navigational lights, bow riding, and a high horsepower engine which was not tilted.  Additional violations included swimming, curfew, and several cars parked in no parking zones, including the causeway to the Oxbow Ramp.  Rangers discovered and removed advertising stickers recently attached to navigational buoys and bridge piers, and used information on the stickers to contact the responsible business.  A light outage was reported at the Twin Bridges Boat Ramp and the Oxbow Boat Ramp dedication was postponed due to weather.

6/13/18 - Interesting events from the past weekend included the recovery of an adrift kayak, currently in lost-and-found, and a boat rescue as Rangers assisted a stranded family with motor troubles.  ODNR Division of Wildlife will be on the water Tuesday and Thursday of this week sampling for blue cats in various areas of the reservoir.  The Oxbow Boat Ramp is undergoing final preparations for the "official" opening so look for an announcement from ODNR very soon.

6/6/18 - Summer is in full swing at Hoover and while boat traffic has been light, park areas and shelter houses are seeing heavy usage.  The Oxbow Ramp is nearly complete with final details added this week.  Rangers addressed curfew and parking issues and assisted in responding to a dog abandoned in the Hoover Marina area.  

5/30/18 - Memorial Day weekend brought a sweltering start to summer with visitation high at all ends of the reservoir.  Throughout the weekend rangers addressed swimming, parking and curfew violations, fishing off of courtesy docks, alcohol and excessive horsepower.  Additional boating violations  included bow riding, swimming from a paddle board, anchoring under a bridge, missing navigational lights and two inflatable vessels without registration or PFDs.  Genoa Township Police and rangers cleared a large group of shoreline anglers from the Oxbow Boat Ramp causeway, which remains a restricted area due to construction.  As of today, asphalt has been installed, awaiting striping, with final grading and seeding in the very near future.  Watershed appreciates the assistance and presence of Genoa and Blendon Township Police and ODNR, which helped all to have a safe and fun holiday weekend.

5/23/18 - The reservoir park areas were very busy this week, in between rain showers that is.  Progress on the new Oxbow Boat Ramp has been going well, with the ramp installed and looking good.  Oxbow is still closed as the contractor finishes remaining tasks, with an expected opening of the area in early June.  Watershed received a report of a boat battery theft at the Redbank Marina.  The boat owner was not sure of the exact date of the theft but believes it occurred between May 5th and 15th.

5/16/18 - This upcoming weekend, Watershed Rangers will be helping boaters observe National Safe Boating Week by offering free, courtesy boat safety inspections from 8am to 12pm on Saturday at the Walnut Boat Ramp.  Having the proper safety equipment aboard your vessel can make a difference during an emergency, and it's the law.  Boaters who are unable to make the Saturday event are invited to call the Watershed Management office at 614-645-1721 to make arrangements for an inspection at a more convenient time.

5/2/2018 - This week we have two notable items to share.  First, ODNR has placed some nets around Hoover in order to sample crappie.  The nets are marked by orange floats and will be in place through Thursday.  Secondly, Watershed has recovered an adrift paddle boat and would like to return it to its owner.  Please contact the Watershed office if your paddle boat is not where you last moored it.

4/18/2018 - While we await the opening of the renovated Oxbow Boat Ramp, please remember it is still an active construction site and there is no public access, even for shoreline fishing. The area will remain closed to the public until the new ramp construction is complete.  This includes nights and weekends even when there isn’t active construction.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  We hope to have the site open by late spring.  Stay tuned to the HFR for regular updates on progress.